Wild Republic Jumbo Cheetah Plush, Cuddlekins 30 Inches

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It is common knowledge that cheetahs are one of the fastest animals on the planet, but what you may not know is what a Group of Cheetahs are called. Stay tuned throughout the description for the answer. If you blink, you may miss seeing a cheetah in the wild and/or at a zoo. Why not take home a Wild Republic jumbo plush Cheetah instead? This extra large stuffed animal is easy to spot anywhere throughout the house and it won't run away from you. This realistic stuffed animal is a fantastic toy for kids of all ages. Whether you tend to use the giant plush Cheetah as an animal pillow, educational toy, or even a companion for a loved one, this large plush will be a great addition to your family. In My opinion, the Cheetah is an underrated zoo animal which is overlooked for more popular animals such as chimpanzees and elephants since they are known to be okay with human interaction. Cheetahs need some more respect. Getting up close and personal to a cheetah might not be a great idea, but admiring from afar is still entertaining. Purchasing the oversized stuffed animal by Wild Republic can satisfy those urges of cuddling up with a cheetah. Cheetahs do form groups in the wild called coalitions and this plush animal is no different. Join this animal plushes coalition and see what marvelous memories emerge through hours of play. Don't worry about it getting dirty either. These large plush toys are easy to clean since they are surface washable and built to last.

  • Cheetahs may be the fastest animals in the land, but this beautiful stuffed animal is ready to slow down and play or let you snuggle on its softness.
  • These plush toys are fun companions for kids of all ages, as these giant stuffed animals are big enough to play on and small enough to cuddle.
  • Wild Republic jumbo cuddlekins come in many different types of stuffed animals such as Zoo animals like this cheetah plush.
  • Designed for all ages, These large stuffed animals make great baby toys, toddler toys and are even loved by teens who use them as bedroom decor.
  • Makes the perfect animal pillow too, as these kids toys are soft and snugly plushies to curl up to and lay your head on.