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The rainbow ball magic cube is a new kind of magic cube, it is easy to play and a great puzzle in hand, the best gift for your baby and your daily life.

Education Toy For Kids

It can develop their brain and logic thinking ability, this cube will lead you, kids, to a new interest.

Great Quality Material

ABS plastic, safe, non-toxic. Harmless to humans and the environment. Wear-resistant and durable, good ideal gift choice. How to play? There are 12 holes in the ball with no smaller ball inside it, you can move a ball that is already in a hole into space - Match-up the color of the small balls by color to the outside holes in the ball to the right colors. Let us finish the game in less time!!


EXCELLENT DESIGN AND USAGE: The ball has 12 holes with 11 small balls inside. Pressing each ball by moving it to match with an appropriate color circle..

LOTS OF FUN: Both to children and adults, it brings great pleasure when you play it, even it is a simple puzzle cube.

MATERIAL: Please take it easy, the cube made of eco-friendly ABS material, non-toxic, and harmless to humans and the environment.

TIPS: Each ball is easy to scroll, just press the small ball down and scroll it instead of sliding them with your finger.