The New York Doll Collection - Interactive Talking Baby Doll Doctor Set - 14” Doll Pink

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*Outfitted with light-up cheeks that glow rosy red to show that baby is running a fever, our 14-inch play doc dolly is an interactive kid’s toy created to simulate real-life situations & scenarios. *Equipped with a built-in touch-activated speaker triggered by gently pressing its hand, our battery-operated interactive baby doll giggles, cries, whimpers & babbles off cute baby talk. It’s the talking toy doll engineered to realistically simulate the audible sounds of a sick, sniffly, fussy baby crying for “mama”. *In addition to a cuddly 14” soft baby doll with easy-clean vinyl arms, vinyl legs, a vinyl head & a soft plush core dressed in newborn hospital clothes & nighty cap, the doll doctor toy set also comes with doctor toys like a small pink plastic toy thermometer for temp checks, a toy syringe needle for “administering” shots, medicines or vaccine injections & a tiny toy stethoscope for listening to the baby doll’s little heartbeat sounds.