Little Critterz Dog face Butterfly California - Garden Decoration Outdoor Decor Miniature Porcelain Figurine

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Little Critterz  are adorable, collectible carded miniature porcelain figurines, about 1.75" high or long depending on the shape of each of each animal. Each is hand crafted and hand painted by skilled artisans to represent the unique color and detail of each of each animal. A perfect gift for your friends, family or yourself and a delightful addition to any collection. Packaged in a clear 2" x 2" , recyclable plastic collector box. Critter Tailz Fun Fact: The California dogface butterfly, also called "dog-head butterfly," is found only in California and has been the state insect since 1972. The male has markings on its wings resembling a silhouette of a dog's head. The female is usually solid yellow with a black spot on each upper wing. Adults feed on flower nectar and are said to be especially fond of purple flowers. They fly very fast and are difficult to approach unless they are nectaring at flowers CAUTION! NOT A TOY. Decorative Item Only. WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD. Not for children under 3 years. Not intended for consumption or for use in stove, microwave or dishwasher.