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Aquarius Zodiac Mini Stone Pack: clear quartz + amethyst. • Front cover of box features the Aquarius constellation and stones included. • Inner cover describes crystal properties and the back cover describes zodiac sign attributes. • The mini size makes it perfect for impulse buys and gifts. Inner cover: clear quartz: the master healer and energy transmitter; amplifies energy of all other stones. Brings light of the stars to the soul. Amethyst: known for transmuting lower vibrational energies into higher frequency states to clear the aura and physical body. It is both regal and peaceful. Back cover: The stones in this collection have been curated to support the attributes of the associated zodiac sign. The Aquarius personality traits include independence, intelligence, wit, and a focus on humanitarianism. Ruling planets: Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter element: air Includes 3 mini stone packs consisting of: -1 natural clear quartz point -1 amethyst (polished) size: 2.5" X 2.5" X1.25