Folkmanis Snowy Owl Hand Puppet

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Puppets nurture the imagination, inspire creativity, develop interactive play, and expand language. This reviewer has found them to be excellent tools for teaching foreign languages--children will comfortably experiment when manipulating a puppet, but not when simply talking to a friend. As children mature, they are able to use puppets in a more sophisticated manner that will help them last a good long time.

Snowy Owl is well made and true to form with her white and gray spotted fur. The texture of her leather beak and talons gives her an air of authenticity, and her large glass eyes ringed with thick white fur won't miss a rodent. A plastic stick inside Snowy Owl's body lets you rotate her head 360 degrees. With a wingspan of 22 inches, she will play a prominent role on the puppet stage. --

Ages 3 and up