Dr. STEM Toys - Kids First Chemistry Set Science Kit - 28 Pieces Includes Ten Experiments, Goggles, Test Tubes, All in a Storage Bucket

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AN ORIGINAL DR. STEM TOYS - FIRST CHEMISTRY SET IN A BUCKET Wow! Kids will have a blast as they learn while they play. This complete chemistry set includes everything a child needs to conduct real world experiments. Includes 28 pieces including safety goggles and easy to follow laminated instruction/experiment cards. Recommended for kids ages 5 to 12. Your houng scientist chemistry lab is just waiting to be explored. EXPERIMENTS INCLUDE: -BLOBS IN A BOTTLE: -FIZZ BALLOON INFLATOR -MINI ERUPTING VOLCANO -SOAP POWERED BOAT -COLOR SYMPHONY -COLORING FLOWER -CLEANING PENNIES -COLOR MIXING -EGG SHELL CRYSTALS -MAKING SLIME -AND, MAKE UP YOUR OWN EXPERIMENTS! YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLWING COMMON HOUSEHOLD KITCHEN ITEMS: -Vegetable oil -Salt -Food Coloring -Pennies -White Vinegar -White Craft Glue -Egg Shells -Water Bottle -Balloon -Baking Soda -Liquid Dish Soap -White Flower (such as a daisy) -Whole Milk -Contact Lens Solution -Shaving Cream

Everything you need - just add a few household chemicals. Includes laminated experiment cards with easy to follow instructions.
  • INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY SET: Designed specifically for young kids. Includes handy storage bucket so clean up is easy.
  • 10 EXCITING, MIND BLOWING EXPERIMENTS: Everything from making slime, making crystals, blob experiments, to mini voclano's.
  • PERFECT FOR HOME OR SCHOOL: Parents and teachers recommend Dr. STM Toys because we make learning fun and easy!
  • CONTENTS: Storage bucket with trap door and handle, test tubes, test tube trays, petri dish, magnifier, tweezers, measuring spoons, pipette, tray, safety goggles, beakers, and more! Just add common household kitchen ingredients.