CollectA Prehistoric Life Utahraptor Toy Dinosaur Figure

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Utahraptor is lifelike down to the feathers on its body and the terrifying claws on its feet. The bird-like dinosaur walked on two feet, and grew to be about 7 feet in length. Utahraptors may have weighed one ton when fully grown. First uncovered in Utah, this dinosaur lived during the early Cretacous period, about 125 million years ago. The carnivore used its long, sickle-shaped claws to slash at its prey.

This beautifully sculpted, collectible figure from our Prehistoric Life Collection measures 5.3''L x 2''H. 

  • FUN FACTS: Utahraptor means "Utah's predator." It was one of the largest raptors with a hook like claw on each foot.
  • PRODUCT SPECS: Utahraptor measures 5.31 in L x 1.38 in W and is suitable for children 3 and up.