Calliope Double Double Dominoes

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  • FAST FUN NEW APPROACH TO DOMINOES: Score by matching dominoes on key spaces. Play a double domino & double your score! Get ready to outwit and outscore opponents in this new spin on a classic game!
  • CLASSIC GAME...NEW TWIST: Uses beloved dominoes gameplay blended with classic board placement scoring in a race to win! But be careful… you might end up giving opponents points too!
  • ALL SKILL LEVELS: Family friendly play combines luck & skill to level the playing field. Players of all ages and skill levels can compete without the experienced players comanding the game!
  • CLEVER SCORING: Gain points by covering numbered spaces on the board with your dominoes. Double your points by playing a double dominoe! Score extra points by matching your track position!
  • WHO CAN PLAY? 2-4 players age 8 and up. Familiar, easy gameplay make it perfect for players of all experience levels. Includes a board, four pawns, and two full sets of dominoes.