X Kites SkyDelta® 52 Trolls Poly 52 in. Delta Kite, 52 Inches Wide

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  • Trolls SkyDelta 42 Kite: Let your child enjoy their play time with Poppy from Trolls World Tour on our Trolls licensed kite; Featuring fiberglass airframe and 5 to 15 mph wind speed, our kite just made your fun time more interesting
  • SkyDelta 52 KITES: Features stable flying delta shape, quick and easy 4-step assembly instructions printed right on the packaging, assembles in less than a minute with adult help and is easy to fly for everyone 8 years and up.
  • SKYDELTA 52 KITE SPECS: 52 Inches Wide, the SkyDelta 52 comes with Officially Licensed Trolls SkyDelta 52 Poly 52 in. Delta Kite Sail, Fiberglass Airframe, SkyTails, Kite Handle, and 75ft of 10lb Kite Line w/ QuikClip
  • X Kites: Offering creative new designs and licensed kites which are easier to assemble than traditional kites. Choose from gliders, nylon kites, poly kites plus accessories including kite handles, lines, reels & winders.
  • BrainStormProducts, LLC: Established in 2006, the team behind this Southern California design firm and nylon textiles manufacturer have over 200 years of combined experience in the consumer goods and toy industries.