Wild Republic Snake Plush Stuffed Animal Burmese Python 54"

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Being 54" allow this snake stuffed animal to easily be used as a comfy animal pillow during long road trips or just a nice soft object to nap on. Do not worry this snake does not bite! these reptilians get a bad rap; not all snakes are poisonous or a threat to humans what so ever. If you observe from afar you will see the all the beauty snakes behold. 

  • This beautiful burmese Python stuffed animal will slither right into your life and warm everyone’s hearts.
  • The process of cleaning has become easier with durable surface washable plush.
  • Children, teens, and adults enjoy owning these 54 inch authentic looking plush toys either for play, kids bedroom décor, or educational use.
  • These stuffed animals are crafted from high quality materials that make it smooth to the touch and enjoyable to eyes.
  • Enjoy experiencing the many sounds of laughter, play, and excitement with plush toys from wild Republic.
  • Ages 3 and up