Wild Republic Jumbo Manatee Plush Toy 30 Inches

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If you can't go to the coasts of Florida, Brazil or even the River to see a real-life Manatee, This majestic Manatee plush toy will do the trick. A full-grown Manatee can weigh up 13, 000 lbs. , No wonder why they are also known as sea cows, and are referred to as mermaids of the sea. Believe it or not, manatees are mammals and are related to elephants and not cows.

  • These giant stuffed animals are easy to clean and surface washable; approximate size of this Manatee plush toy is 30 inches.
  • Made of quality materials and durable construction, these large plush toys are soft, cuddly and built to Last.
  • Ages 3 and up