Wild Republic Jumbo Lion Plush, 30"

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As a child, going to the zoo is an amazing experience. Getting to see all the zoo animals which come from all over the world is exhilarating. One stop that is a must see before exiting the exhibits are the Lions. Lions, in general, have been a staple in popular culture for decades. When you picture a Lion in your mind, one will think courage, bravery, and strength. No wonder why people use the saying “have a heart of a lion” to someone for self-confidence. Since going to the zoo every day is not realistic, why not instead take home this giant stuffed animal? Large stuffed animals like this lion pictured above make perfect gifts for kids. These realistic stuffed animals are made of high quality fabrics, which allows this plush toy to be surface washable and easy to clean. In our younger years, there was no limit to what one's imagination can create. Envision your loved one playing with this stuffed animal pretending to be a little cub of a Mighty pride of lions with friends and family. Moments like those are priceless. Jumbo plush can double as a great educational toy in the classroom and or home. Have a Lion as a mascot of your alma mater? This big stuffed animal is fantastic with showing school pride (pun intended). animal plush is great for your young adult’s dorm room. Curiosity killed the cat, but the large plush Lion? I don't think so. Curiosity and adventure is its middle name. Venture out into the world and explore as far as the eyes can see With your new partner in crime.

  • While he may be King of the jungle, this lovable lion stuffed animal is a sweet and cuddly plush toy with a large plush body and long mane.
  • Approximate size of these large stuffed animals is 30", these educational toys also come with a small informative hang tag about lions.
  • Jumbo cuddlekins plush toys are a series of big stuffed animals that are cute, cuddly and lifelike with realistic designs for each animal plush.
  • Great for animal themed birthday parties, kids bedroom decor, or as birthday and Christmas gifts for kids of all ages.
  • These giant stuffed animals are surface washable and easy to clean, and these plush kids toys are made of high quality fabrics