Wild Republic Jumbo Harbor Seal Plush, Giant Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy, Gifts for Kids, 30 Inches

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Make a splash with this adorable stuffed animal. Be careful though, that splash might be very cold since you can find these lovable looking animals in the north part of the Atlantic Ocean and parts of the Baltic/ north seas. Did you know that Harbor Seals are known as the common seal? But there is nothing common about them. This jumbo stuffed animal will want a lot of attention and hugs. Good thing this toy for kids is made with high quality fabrics for comfort. Yes, this big black spotted grey seal will probably get dirty with all the adventures your child goes on with it. Never fear, this huge stuffed animal is easy to clean since it is surface washable. That feature will come in handy as well since the Harp Seal can double as an animal pillow.

  • Soft and fluffy, this harbor seal plush is adored for his distinctive black spots and cute face.
  • These adorable giant stuffed animals measure approximately 30 inches.
  • Wild Republic Jumbo plush toys are easy to clean, surface washable and a fun way to learn and play.
  • Children love having this lifelike giant plush seal as their play pal. These big stuffed animals also work well for kids bedroom decor.
  • Loved by all, this seal plush toy is enjoyed by adults and children, and make great baby toys, toddler toys and gifts for teens.