Wild Republic Jumbo Fawn Plush, Giant Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy, 30 Inches

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Let’s cut out the fawny business and straight to how adorable fawns are. When a herd of deer is walking into your backyard or at the park grazing on some food, most people enjoy watching them do their deer things but are secretly thinking where are the baby fawns? The search might continue or you could adopt one of these cute jumbo plush companions for a loved one instead. Children love large stuffed animals, they are made to cuddle with and are the perfect play pal. Your child will want to take this fawn everywhere. If it gets dirty don’t worry, large plush toys are surface washable. This toy for kids enhances any kids bedroom décor. It also can double as an animal pillow. The uses of an oversized stuffed animal are endless with the imagination and creativity of a child. That is why giant stuffed plush makes a great gift and educational toy.

  • Wildly adorable and made to cuddle, these large stuffed animals are the perfect play pal for any child, and this plush fawn is ready for a home.
  • This jumbo plush fawn is easy to clean and surface washable; these giant stuffed animals are approximately 30 inches.
  • A fun plush toy that also makes a great animal pillow, and is even useful for kids bedroom decor.
  • These oversized stuffed animals are embraced by all ages.
  • Each giant plush animal is made of high quality fabrics.