Wild Republic Jumbo African Leopard Plush, Cuddlekin 30 Inches

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The continent of Africa contains so many different types of carnivorous cats from Lions cheetahs and of course Leopards The African Leopard is a fascinating creature They are nocturnal and are solitary animals by nature Finding one in the wild is hard due to its pattern on its fur that acts as camouflage There is more of a chance that the African Leopard will be spotting you first then the other way around Want an African Leopard that is up to play at a minute’s notice and will not hide from you? Then consider bringing home this large stuffed animal pictured above It is not only a perfect toy for kids but a phenomenal gift for any animal lover big or small Being informed about animal preservation is key so many generations from now can see all the beautiful animals This planet has to offer Lifelike stuffed animals by Wild Republic make great educational toys for any teacher's classroom or play area around the house This animal plush is manufactured with high quality fabrics which allow the giant plush toy to be surface washable Huge stuffed animals are excellent for kids bedroom décor and can double as an animal pillow for your loved ones head after long hours of use They will have together Giant teddy bears are so last decade People should step up their game and show some love/ appreciation toward to other animals that happen to be jumbo sized Possibly unite multiple jumbo stuffed animals together and create an imaginative zoo of your very own The things realistic stuffed animals can do is limitless with the power of creativity Let the adventures begin and for the memories to last a lifetime.

  • Sleek and Super soft this leopard stuffed animal is a fun and playful giant plush companion that can bring hours of fun to any child
  • These jumbo plush toys are easy to clean approximate size of these large stuffed animals is 30 inches
  • Jumbo cuddlekins are a series of oversized stuffed animals that are soft cute and lifelike in design
  • Extra large plush is used for animal themed bedroom decor birthday parties Christmas gifts and as Gifts for any occasion
  • Great to use as cuddly animal pillows These big stuffed animals are fun kids toys for all ages from babies to teens and even adult animal lovers