Wild Republic Huggers Green Parrot Plush Toy, Slap Bracelet, Stuffed Animal, Kids Toys, 8"

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Fly through the sky with the Huggers Green Parrot stuffed animal and soar towards your wildest dreams. Huggers stuffed toys are fun wherever they go, especially at a stuffed animal party. They also make fantastic gifts for kids or gifts for teens anytime of the year. Huggers kids toys are both a plush toy and a slap bracelet, making them fun for everyone no matter their age. The snap bracelet fits everyone and grips on to many things such as; bikes, strollers, car seats, cups, and so much more. The triple-protected, specially designed snap bands provide a safe and friendly grip for these plush toys to hold on to. Everyone needs a hug from time to time so why not have the ability to get one all the time from a Huggers plushier. Wild Republic has been developing animal plush and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, With unique specialization in realistic stuffed animals. Huggers are the soft loveable toy plush that hugs you back, so get yours today.

  • This Green Parrot stuffed animal will wrap its wings around your heart with just One hug, allowing it to become any child's favorite plush toy.
  • Huggers are great educational plush toys that are easy to have in any classroom due to their 8-inch size.
  • This cute animal plush is surface washable, making it easy to clean.
  • Built to Last a long time, This combo slap bracelet and stuffed toy are made of soft fabric and high-quality materials.
  • Everyone loves toys no matter their age, huggers plushies are for adults and children, making it the perfect gift for everyone.