Wild Republic Huggers Giraffe Plush Toy, Slap Bracelet

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This adorable giraffe stuffed animal is a one of a kind cuddle buddy, that doubles as a plush toy and a slap bracelet. Its long arms will wrap around anything, so it can't get lost or left behind. Huggers stuffed toys can wrap around your wrist, backpack, stroller, bike, and even a vase. The Huggers giraffe stuffed animal toy can take your child on an adventure of a lifetime, exploring the plains of Africa, all while being safe and sound at home. Huggers stuffed animals make great additions to any kids bedroom décor, or use them Huggers plushies make great gifts for kids or anyone who loves hugs. Get your lovable and huggable hugger animal plush today. Wild Republic has been developing animal plush and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, With unique specialization in realistic stuffed animals.

  • Go on a wild safari with this giraffe stuffed animal, that will wrap around anyone’s heart giving never-ending hugs.
  • Everyone can use a hug, and these go anywhere plush toys are wearable slap bracelets that love to hug you back.
  • This cute 8-inch slap bracelet plush toy is part of the Wild Republic huggers collection.
  • These adorable stuffed toys make great stocking stuffers for kids of all ages.
  • Easy to clean and surface washable, which is what every parent wants for their kids stuffed animals.