Wild Republic Dolphin Plush, Cuddlekins 20 inches

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Explore the seas with your new aquatic partner in crime! Designed to look just like the real thing, this dolphin plush makes. Wonderful gift for teens, adults, and kids of all ages who have an affinity for sea animals. Did you know that dolphins are carnivores with nearly 100 teeth who swallow their Prey whole? Have no fear, because our dolphin stuffed animals are crafted with high quality materials for cuddling all day long. Millions of years ago dolphins could walk on land, but today These sweet, sensitive animals love to swim and play. Wild Republic has been developing plush animals and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, With. Specialization in realistic stuffed animals.

  • Dolphins are highly intelligent sea creatures, and this stuffed animal was made for long days of play.
  • Crafted from high quality fabrics, this dolphin plush is surface washable for easy cleaning from future messes.
  • You'll want to cuddle with this 20 inch plush toy from sun up to sun down.
  • An ideal gift for kids of all ages, This dolphin stuffed toy is perfect for any ocean theme gathering.
  • Wild Republic specializes in educational toys for kids that look just like the real animals.