Wild Republic Brachiosaurus Plush, Dinosaur Stuffed Animal, 19"

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 Brachiosaurus was well-known for reaching incredible sizes, sometimes up to 85 feet in length, weighing around 30-40 tons; this huggable plushie has been scaled down to a fun-filled 19 inches for the animal lover in your life. Named for their long necks, Brachiosaurus literally means ‘arm lizard’ in Greek. It is believed that Brachiosaurs traveled in pods, feeding on foliage from tree-tops, high above the ground. Once found roaming North America and areas around the Colorado River, this stuffed toy dino will soon be roaming the halls of your imagination. 

  • This animal plush toy is 100% surface-washable, making it the perfect kids toy for your little ones
  • All ages over 3