Wild Republic Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Stuffed Animal15"

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While the Ankylosaurus plush toy might look intimidating, beneath the spiky exterior lies a soft-hearted Dino who just wants to snuggle. In fact, the rows of spikes and bony protrusions along the back and jaw of this realistic stuffed animal are crafted from velvety soft, gray fur. The attention to detail on this Cretaceous cuddler is incredible; The 100% Surface-washable fabric uses different shades of gray to simulate the plated body armor found on the real thing, as well as fuzzy tan fur for its belly and toes. According to fossil finds, the Ankylosaurus can measure up to 18 feet long, but this pint-sized plushier measures 15 inches from the end of its bulbous nose to the tip of its Knobby tail. Some might say that the Ankylosaurus is built like a four-legged tank and the stuffed animal version is no different. Wild Republic crafts its stuffed animals from only the highest-quality, most durable fabrics, which are 100% Surface-washable and able to stand up to hours of fun and play

  • You’d have to be extinct not to be charmed by this adorable Ankylosaurus stuffed animal by Wild Republic
  • From the curve its smooth rounded nose to the end of its bumpy tail, This Surface-washable Ankylosaurus plush toy measures 15 inches long
  • The multi-colored Gray fur of this realistic stuffed animal mimics the plated armor on the real thing, covering most of its sturdy body
  • Despite mean-looking rows of protective spikes, this prehistoric plush toy is crafted from soft, fuzzy fabric that makes it perfect for cuddling
  • The big bulky Ankylosaurus might be a slow mover, but stuffed animal fans of all ages will be Quick to fall in love with this Cretaceous Cutie
  • Ages 3 and up