Wild Republic 10943 Racoon

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Wild Republic Racoon plush soft toy, Cuddlekins cuddly toys, gifts for kids, 20 cm. The cute cuddly Racoon comes straight from North America to your home! Made of plushy, absolutely harmless materials, The sweet coon quickly becomes the favourite stuffed animal of every child! Due to its handy size of approx. 30 cm The cute wash- bear can be taken everywhere - so the children can explore the world of these cute animals together with friends and become experts for this prairie animals! The cuddly toy is designed true to nature - so you can playfully bring children closer to the world of these cuddly little creatures and inspire them for the animal world. Since 1979 wild Republic is specialized in the production of realistic plush animals and educational toys.

  • The cute racoon comes straight from USA to your home - to cuddle and play with you!
  • The stuffed animal has a handy size of approx. 20 cm. Due to this handy size it can be taken everywhere - and quickly becomes the favourite soft toy of every child.
  • The little penguin is surface washable with water and a mild soap, so you can easily remove stains!
  • Made of absolutely harmless and plushy materials, so it is suitable for children of all ages. Due to its cute design it also makes adults rave!
  • The soft toy is lifelike designed. Through its authentic appearance, children can playfully get to know the world of animals.