Wild Republic Tortoise Plush 8", Cuddlekins

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Tortoises are well known for moving slow, but they should also be recognized as animals that are able to live for a long time. These zoo animals can live to be 150 years old, and their average lifespan is 100 years of age. One of the main reasons why they can live a long time is because they are able to retract their heads and limbs into their shell for protection when they sense a predator is planning an attack.

You will love to cuddle with this soft and adorable Cuddlekins Tortoise. Each highly detailed Cuddlekins Tortoise comes with lifelike facial and authentic features. With its ultra-plush stuffing, the Cuddlekins Tortoise is so cute and huggable. Measures approximately 12".

  • Get this Tortoise stuffed animal as it might run slow, but makes you love it the second you cuddle.
  • No matter your age now is your chance to obtain this Zoo animal plush and bring more Smiles into your life.
  • Approximate size of the Tortoise stuffed toy is 8", making the plushier perfect to cuddle with at night.
  • These realistic stuffed animals are made of high-quality material and are surface washable in case you stain the Tortoise’s shell.
  • Sometimes you need to take things slowly in life and this Tortoise will always be by your side.
  • Ages  and Up