Uniblock Building Brick Remote Control Buildable RC Fire Engine 154 pc with Headlights That Light up, 300 pc

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  • ★ BUILD YOUR OWN RC CAR! Buildable with bricks compatible with ALL major brands, remote control Bumblebee Chevy Convertible is similar to the Transformers car but not quite of that design. Point your remote at the car and navigate forward, backward, forward right, forward left, backward right, backward left, and stop.
  • ★ HEADLIGHTS THAT LIGHT UP! Turn on your headlights to play in the dark. Our cars incorporate light up bricks into their design. The light up bricks have replaceable batteries and turn on or off with a standard axle piece (included)
  • ★ RACE UP TO THREE RC CARS! Each remote has three channels which permits simultaneous play for three different people when each one controls his or her vehicle on an individual channel with their separate remote. This feature allows racing, competition, and creative play.
  • ★ UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER BRICK BRANDS. The centerpiece of every kit is a remotely controllable base and a remote control, both of which are battery operated (batteries are not included). The bricks, base, and the remote control are 100% compatible with ALL major brands of building bricks.
  • ★ BUILDING SKILLS REQUIRED! The Assembly Instructions are 46 steps in total. Little hands may have a hard time to put it all together and follow that many steps. Either aim at older children with experience in brick assembly or be prepared to assist the little ones to put it together