Scrunch Junior Bucket with Shovel 14 x 12.5 cm Silicone Blue

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This year, let your little one join you in the garden.

With this fun set, any kiddo can start learning how to plant seeds and dig up weeds, whether you need help in the garden, or you want to develop their growing outdoor curiosity. It’s hard to keep kids outside nowadays- but with these kids outdoor toys, a new gardening obsession is in their future.


The one-of-a-kind flexible design from SCRUNCH has produced a truly collapsible seedling pot. Instead of the bulky toddler toys that just get in the way, this gardening tool set for kids takes up less room on your gardening bench. Designed to be a great size and shape for little hands, this seedling pot and trowel have grippy handles that won’t slip, and the trowel is easy to dig with at any level of hand-eye coordination.


Say goodbye to cheap, plastic toddler and kids toys that aren’t anywhere ready for the level of outdoor adventure you need. Extremely durable, soft yet firm silicone material makes this the safest gardening pot for kids starting out- no dropping and breaking like terra cotta or ceramic, and non-toxic and durable, unlike the familiar cheap plastic toy sets. The included trowel is reinforced with a rubbery grip handle, and is made from strong polypropylene that is incredibly easy for little hands to hold.


SCRUNCH builds top-quality toddler toys and outdoor toys gift sets for those who wish to rise up against the dangerously breakable plastic that makes up most gardening tool sets for kids. You can’t take the old-style toys anywhere without them snapping into shards of pointy plastic. Get yourself some peace of mind with these soft, round-edged, and incredibly durable silicone outdoor toys that can withstand the both elements and the little one’s excitement without damage.


Say goodbye to the wasteful plastic toddler toys and

  • LIGHTWEIGHT – This gardening tool set is designed for any young one to easily use, with premium soft silicone and non-slip handles
  • DURABLE – Unlike other gardening tool sets that break down easily, these tools are strong enough to bring joy year round
  • GREAT GIFT SET – Whether you already have a budding gardener in your life, or you want the family green thumb passed down
  • NEW BONDING ACTIVITY – Craft time! Seedling pot can be planted and given as a sweet gift to any parent or teacher
  • VARIETY OF COLOR STYLES – Match your grown-up gardening tools to inspire, or just choose your little one’s fave