Safari Ltd Wild Safari Wildlife – African Bull Elephant –

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  • LARGEST LIVING LAND ANIMAL – Male African Elephants, also called bulls, wander separate from females, occasionally forming groups. Their tusks, which they are often poached for, are used to fight predators, forage for food, and to attract females. They can weigh up to 13,000 pounds.
  • PART OF THE WILD SAFARI WILDLIFE COLLECTION – This figurine is part of the Wild Safari Wildlife Collection, which includes some of the most intriguing animals, large and small, still found in the wild all over the world.
  • MADE WITH INDUSTRY-LEADING STANDARDS – Like all Safari Ltd products, the Safari Ltd Wild Safari Wildlife African Bull Elephant has been individually hand painted, features quality construction from phthalate and lead-free materials, and includes an educational hangtag in 5 languages.
  • REALISTIC APPEARANCE FOR MULTIPLE USES – Realistic, educational, and fun, this figurine is suitable for a range of interests, including collectors, enthusiasts, teachers, and kids. Admire it on a shelf, use it in the classroom, or simply enjoy playing with it.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS – Measures 7.4”L x 3.9”W x 4.3”H. For ages 3 and up.