Safari Ltd. - Grizzly Bear - 181729

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Unlike other smaller bears that may try to run or climb trees when they feel threatened, grizzly bears are known for standing on their hind legs to make themselves look at intimidating as possible. Adult males can be nearly 10 feet tall when they stand upright! History: Although grizzly bears are noted as one of the more aggressive bear species, they tend to avoid contact with humans. Attacks often occur when grizzlies are startled or defending nearby cubs. While they generally try to avoid contact with humans, grizzly bears will defend their cubs ferociously. Scientific Name: Ursus arctos Characteristics: Although grizzly bears are known for being more aggressive and protective of their young than other bear species, we promise this grizzly bear toy figurine is safe to hold! Immaculately crafted and painted with true-to-life detail, this model makes an excellent toy, educational resource, piece of décor, and more!