Pressman Blockhead! - The Original Stacking Game Yellow, 5"

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Product Description

It's a balancing act as players add to the stack of oddly shaped wooden blocks. If your block knocks the pile over, you're the BLOCKHEAD! For 1 or more players, ages 6 and up.

Never mind the Tower of Babel or the Leaning Tower of Pisa--when playing Blockhead!, the nerve-racking stacking game from Pressman, you may end up Babel-ing every time you place one Pisa the game atop another. Each of the 20 brightly painted wooden pieces is oddly shaped, posing a challenge to any players (or player--Blockhead! is a great solitaire game, too) trying to stack them. Making the stack tumble twice is cool, but spill it a third time, blockhead, and you're out, leaving you to a-spire to new heights next game.--Tony Mason

From the Manufacturer

Stack the wooden blocks higher and higher-but don’t let them fall. Voted into Games Magazine’s Hall of Fame. For 1 or more players, ages 6 to adult.

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