PlayMonster Science4you - Yucky Science-- Have Fun with 12 Gross Experiments -- Education Activity for Kids Ages 8+

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Through play, children develop different cognitive skills. Studies show that when children are having fun or making discoveries during an experiment, they are more likely to feel motivated and rewarded while learning. These positive experiences help stimulate the brain to develop various skills. That's why this kit combines fun and education to foster curiosity and experimentation! Children will enjoy the experiments and come away with a positive learning experience! With the Yucky Science Kit, kids discover how science can be gross--in a fun way! Ages 8+. Adult supervision recommended.

  • FUN, EDUCATION STEM / STEAM TOY – The hands-on science activity kit allows children to develop different cognitive skills through play. Scientific studies show that when we are having fun learning or making discoveries during an experiment, that positive experience helps stimulate the brain!
  • DISCOVER THE FUN GROSS SIDE OF SCIENCE– Kids like yucky stuff like poop, farts, worms and brains--so why not learn about them while playing?!
  • 12 EXPERIMENTS–Grow an awesome sewer monster, create fake snot and fake vomit, make some farts and learn about this gross function!
  • 36-PAGE, FULL-COLOR LEARNING GUIDE – The included booklet features awesome experiments and fun facts, along with safety rules, advice for supervising adults, and proper disposal info.
  • NCLUDES MOST OF WHAT YOU NEED – the kit includes much of what you’ll need to complete the experiments, and it clearly advises what you need to add, such as water, cup, etc