Play Visions Giant Cheese Stress Ball

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Giant Cheese Stress Ball - 5 Inch Anxiety Relieving Squishy Childrens Toy – Super Squeezable And Great For Sensory Learning - Looks Just Like A Huge Block Of Cheese.

No matter whether you're overcome with stress, frustration, aggravation, anxiety, boredom, or you accidentally turned on news, then you're going to need this cool new Giant Cheese Stress Ball Check out this giant piece of cheese filled with super soft filling. Super squeezable and soothing to the senses!

  • Super Cheesy Super Squeezy Stress Ball.
  • Stress Toy Looks Like A Real Giant Block Of Cheese.
  • 5 Inch Size Is Great For Childrens Sensory Learning And Anxiety Relief For All Ages.
  • Makes A Great Novelty Gift For Kids While Also Encouraging Imagination Play.
  • Designed For Kids 8 Years And Older.