Mini Buddha Board Art Set: Water Drawing Writing Board w/ Water Brush for Mindfulness & Meditation – Inkless Zen Based Drawing Board - Painting & Art Supplies – Ideal Relaxation Gifts (5” x 5”)

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Product Description

The One & Only Mini Buddha Board

Our sleek, attractive Mini Buddha Board is the genuine and authentic. Count on it for superior design & quality...

from its highly absorbent surface (which creates a rich, inky Japanese look) to its stable/durable and aesthetically pleasing base.

  • Mini Buddha Board (5" high x 5" wide x 0.5" thick)
  • Portable Mini Buddha Board that folds into its own small easel stand
  • Premium mini paintbrush with thick, ultra-soft bristles

With normal use and care, it should give you many years of enjoyment. Suitable for ages 5 and up.

The Mini Buddha Board: Here's the superior, genuine, authentic Mini Buddha Board, made with only the finest high-quality materials.

Easy to Use: Simply fill with water in the little trough. Then dip in the mini brush (included) & start drawing, painting & writing. You'll create soft, beautiful images with a rich, inky Japanese look. Appreciate your creation in the moment, and then as the water evaporates and your masterpiece slowly fades away, practice the art of letting go.

Instant Stress Relief: As you paint & doodle on Mini Buddha Board, your stress will melt away. You'll feel tranquil & relaxed, with a clearer, calmer mind. Perfect meditation aid. (Plus, it's lots of fun.)

Each watery brushstroke will create an inky black image, much like watercolor art or Japanese Sumi painting. You'll be delighted by the beautiful results.

Relaxing Mindfulness: As the water evaporates, your newly created images will disappear. Result: a "blank slate" for starting over fresh. Great way to learn the ancient Zen art of living in the moment.

Instant Art...Just Add Water

Using your Mini Buddha Board couldn't be easier. Simply fill with water in the little trough. (Ordinary tap water is fine.) Then dip your mini brush in the water & let your imagination roam free. Draw. Paint. Write. Practice calligraphy.

As the water evaporates, your newly created image will start to fade. Within 3-10 minutes (depending on the saturation of the brush stroke and the dryness of the environment), it will completely disappear. Then you'll have a fresh "blank slate,".

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The Art of Living in the Moment

Do you wish to be more present? Then you'll appreciate Mini Buddha Board. As your "inky" creations fade away, you'll learn to live in the "now," a wonderfully freeing experience. At the same time, you'll enjoy the artistic process... the sheer joy of creating beauty.

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No special skill or training required. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, you'll create rich, magical images, reminiscent of watercolor painting. Prefer writing? That's fine, too. Just relax and do what you like.

The minis 'paint' in the color of their outer case color [e.g., pink 'paint' pink, black 'paint' black, etc]. Enjoy!

Your new Mini Buddha Board is ideal for meditation and mindfulness and having fun too! Doodle. Scribble. Draw cartoons. Play with different effects. Just let go and enjoy.

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  • UNCOVER YOUR TRUTH: The Mini Buddha Board is inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment. This water board painting set uses only water plus our drawing and writing board as you create beautiful works of art that fade away as the water dries. Using a Buddha water board kit will help you achieve mindfulness. The mind is everything; what you think you become.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED: This Zen-like water painting board for artists includes a travel-sized 5" x 5" water painting board that will return to its "blank slate" without flaws, bubbles, or peeling. A premium, mini brush with thick, ultra-soft bristles is included with our Zen painting board. Just add water and artistic expression. We also have included a 1 Year of Quality Promise.
  • LET YOUR STRESS FADE AWAY: There is no need to worry about the finished picture because this Zen-focused board will always reset itself as your art fades away with your stress. Ages from 5 and up can enjoy and learn from the experience of water drawing board without permanence. This buddha board for kids and adults is a one-of-a-kind, unique art gift for artists that keep on giving.
  • PRACTICE WITH EASE: These relaxing gifts for women or men are easy to use. Our folding, portable design also makes for a great travel drawing board. Simply fill with water in the little trough. Then dip in the mini brush (included) & start drawing, painting or writing to create soft and beautiful images with a rich, inky, Japanese look.
  • LIFE CONNECTS US ALL: Environment-friendly drawing boards for artists that only use water. No ink, no paint, no chemicals, and it will last for years with proper care. Master the art of letting go... live in the moment and enjoy!