Hubelino Building Kit Base Marble Run Multi-Coloured

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Our robust marble runs are designed to stay put, so your kids can focus on the fun. Hubelino is the most stable marble run system on the market, the snug fit makes it almost impossible to knock down by accident. Our marble runs promote spatial intelligence and an understanding of fundamental physical concepts like acceleration and gravity. Aside from the included color instruction guide, you'll find tons of design ideas to download free from our website! All marble run products are 100% compatible with building blocks from other manufacturers and are made in Germany.







Introduction to the Hubelino product line



Building Boxes

Everything you need to get started.Each building box includes all the components you need for the construction of a marble run: Building Blocks, run elements, base plates and of course marbles. All Building Boxes are delivered in a high quality case, so that the marble run is conveniently stored for home or travel.


Run Elements

The marbles will run in these blocks. Perfect for the customer who already has enough building blocks at home. These sets will breathe new life into your existing building blocks, transforming them from aforgottentoddler toy into anadvancedbuilding component to aid in the construction of spectacular and dynamic marble runs!



For more complex marble run.With our five exciting Expansions, you‘ll take your marble run to the next level. Each Expansion contains a unique special component (which stands out colored in orange): twister, cradle chute, catapult, see-saw or switch. With each expansion set you can either build a small marble run or integrate with your existing Hubelino marble run.



Higher, faster, further.Marbles, building blocks and base plates are included with every Hubelino building box set. However, as children grow, they will want to expand their layouts outward and upward, thus Hubelino is proud to offer these essential addon pieces to ensure that the sky is always the limit!

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The ORIGINAL - Quality & Safety from a brand you can trust

At Hubelino we take our responsibility very seriously, which is why all of our products are manufactured in Germany. All of our products are subjected to strict chemical and mechanical testing in accordance with 94/61/EC regulations, EN-71 specifications, and ASTM International standards. Our products undergo careful quality control and are manufactured using high-quality ABS plastic - completely free of heavy metals and phtalates. The design of our marble run system is internationally patented.



100% Compatible

We’re proud to offer long-lasting products that bear the ‘Made in Germany’ label and are 100% compatible with bricks made by other leading manufacturers. All Hubelino products fit perfectly with the building blocks of other well-known manufacturers and thus allow you to creatively expand with the building bricks you already own. (This is not the case with cheaper Chinese alternatives). As you add more Hubelino products and extensions, the degree of difficulty increases and the designs get more innovative and elaborate.



Playful Learning

While developing our products we work in close cooperation with child development experts, parents & educators to ensure that our products stand up to the rigors of everyday use and align with the latest teaching methods. Our marble run products promote spatial intelligence and an elementary understanding of physical principles. Thanks to age-appropriate difficulty levels, builders young and old can take an exciting trip into the world of physics. Building a marble run isn't just fun - it also teaches kids to follow instructions, stimulates their working memory, and improves their capacity for analytical thought.



Did you know?

Hubelino‘s building boxes are now included in the ‘Engineering Gift Guide‘ by the Inspire Research jury of Purdue University. Here you can find products which teach young inventors and thinkers a technical understanding.

According to the international fashion magazine‘Harper‘s Bazaar’, our marble run is suited ideally for children to play alone and to catch their attention for a long time.

Low maintenance and easy to clean. Hubelino blocks can even be placed in the washing machine!



Quality & Safety


100% Compatible


Playful Learning


Did you know?




 r beginner and master builders from ages 4+.