Hart Puzzles The Perfect Beach by OW Lawrence, 24 x 30 1000 Piece Puzzle

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The only thing missing on this beach is you, your companion and a pina colada. You can only imagine where this beach is. Soak up the wind, waves and sunshine with this 24"x 30" 1000 piece puzzle. By artist O W Lawrence. You will enjoy hours of calm and tranquility completinh this 1000 piece puzzle. We pride ourselves on our high quality puzzles containing the finest art, photography and graphics. Hart puzzles also has a mission to help better our communities. When you purchase a Hart Puzzle, you become a "piece" in our cause to help. With every puzzle we sell, Hart Puzzles automatically donates to a cause such as our National Parks, animal shelters and veterans.

  • High-quality.
  • Vibrant color and design.
  • Charitable donation made with each puzzle purchased.
  • Artist curated designs.
  • Finest art, photography and graphics.