Hart Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Piece 24" x 30" X-Large Boomers' Favorite Toys by Steve Smith

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Be a kid again. All your favorites, board games like Monopoly and Life, toys like Matchbox, Hotwheels and Slinky (remember the song?). Find these and many more in this 24”x 30” 1000 piece puzzle by Stephen M. Smith.

  • OUR MISSON is to preserve our National Parks, arts, education, medical research, animal shelters and veterans. When you purchase a Hart Puzzle, you become a piece in our cause to help. The list of charities we are supporting are included in the box.
  • THE MAKERS In a small town, just outside Indianapolis called Tipton, is a company of dedicated craftsman, who are committed everyday to creating and manufacturing Hart Puzzles. We would like to proudly tip our hat to Tipton and the American Worker.
  • PUZZLES with HART - Premium Quality 1000-Piece 24" x 30" X-Large Jigsaw Puzzle with Excellent Graphics & the Finest Artist.
  • RECYCLE & GIFTING - Made with 100% of the Highest Quality Recycled Materials. When you are finished please consider sharing your experience by donating it to places in need; senior centers, schools, hospitals, rehab facilities and veteran centers.
  • OUR GOAL - Tugging your Heartstrings; 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Proudly Made in the USA.