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  • Classic, Fun Games | GeoBingo is a new twist on a classic game and a new way to make geography fun! Get 5 countries in a row on a GeoBingo Board, then yell BINGO!
  • Educational Games for Kids | GeoBingo World contains 50 country cards, representing the world’s most populous nations, that show each country’s capital, land area, population and geographic location.
  • Family Games | This makes for a great girl toy and boy toy for family board game night. Easy for the whole family to play and learn more about our complex world.
  • Great for Travel | Keep everyone engaged and learning with travel games for kids that focus on developing new skills and vocabulary.
  • Home, School and Camp | Play GeoBingo World at home, school and camp. Great for big groups and teams. Make playing with small groups even more fun by having each player use multiple bingo boards!
  • Geotoys believes that kids are naturally curious about the world. By making geography fun, Geotoys hopes to develop that curiosity and help create global citizens.