Fiesta Crafts Big Bad Wolf & 3 Little Pigs Hand and Finger Puppet Set

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The Big Bad Wolf and 3 little pigs super soft-fabric hand and finger puppets set is a fabulous way to retell the classic story. Big Bad wolf is a hand puppet with a moving mouth that is perfect for huffing and puffing and doing his best to grab a pork supper. But we are sure that the three little pigs finger puppets dressed in bright blue, green and pink dungarees are far too smart for wolfie. Wolf even has 3 storage pockets for the little pigs on his back.

    • Help Children develop their creativity, Imagination and communication skills
    • Soft to the touch
    • Have legs & feet which help make them "Walk & "run"
    • Provides endless entertainment possabilities
    • Absorbing alternative to on-screen entertainment