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Mane Beauty Li'l Beauties Playset - Shimmer's Grooming Salon
Whether she’s getting pampered before a show, or just having her mane & tail brushed before bed, this stylish Grooming Salon has everything needed to keep Shimmer looking fabulous! The Grooming Salon’s doors open to create a glamourous play area, and everything packs up neatly for on-the-go fun!
This engaging set includes: grooming kit, trophy, ribbon, blanket, sticker sheet and hair brush.

IT'S All ABOUT THE HAIR: Breyer Mane Beauty introduces a whole new way to play with a Breyer horse. Two things girls love - horses and hair play!

From the Manufacturer:
Breyer is the maker of the world’s finest model horses! Since 1950, Breyer has brought a wide range of horse breeds from around the world to life for play and collecting – including real horse heroes like racehorse Secretariat, Olympian Valegro, and reining superstar Big Chex to Cash! The Traditional Series offers an unmatched level of realism and attention to detail that is appreciated by children and adults alike. Each 1:9 scale model is meticulously hand-painted in rich colors, so no two are exactly the same. Breyer has an incredible community of model horse fans, artists, and collectors, and is proud to host BreyerFest: a three-day extravaganza for horse lovers and Breyer enthusiasts each July in Kentucky! Bring home a Breyer model, and let your imagination run free!

About Breyer: THE BREYER PROMISE- The Breyer “promise” is the commitment we make to you, our fans. With Breyer, you are getting a real horse of your very own. Whether a traditional best-seller or brand new product, every Breyer horse is created by hand, under the watchful eye of the world's leading equine experts. Our commitment to high quality material and hand crafting mean that just like in nature, no two Breyer models are exactly alike. Because nothing is as magical as having a horse of your very own. Quite simply, we want to help everyone discover how inspiring horses can be.

  • IT'S All ABOUT THE HAIR: Sprinkles is a UNICORN with a PINK and PURPLE mane and tail
  • THIS ENGAGING 7 PIECE PLAYSET INCLUDES: Mane Beauty Li'l Beauty, apron, shop counter, cash register, sticker sheet and hair brush.
  • Breyer Mane Beauty Li'l Beauties introduces a whole new way to play with a Breyer horse with two things girls love - horses and hair play!
  • HAND CRAFTED DETAIL: The world's 'most asked for' horses since 1950. Each individual Breyer model is prepped and finished by hand and then turned over to the painting department for hand painting and detailing. In all, some 20 artisans work on each individual model horse, creating an exquisite hand-made model horse that is as individual as the horse that inspired it.
  • TRUE EQUESTRIAN ART: Breyer models begin as beautiful horse sculptures created by leading equine artists that are then cast into a copper and steel mold. Each model is created one at a time from the original mold, which is injected with a special resin selected by Breyer for its ability to capture the depth of detail, delicate feel and richness of color in our models.