Breyer 2019 Holiday Stirrup Ornament - Minstrel | 2019 Holiday Collection | Limited Edition | Model #700320, Multi

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  • 2019 Breyer holiday horse stirrup ornament features a finely-detailed miniature of minstrel, the 2019 Holiday horse. A lovely snowflake Hangs from the top of the silver-toned stirrup, which frames minstrel. Gorgeous and glittering, this ornament hangs from a green ribbon, and is the perfect item to pair with the holiday horse.
  • Collectible: 20th in the holiday horse stirrup ornament series
  • Product specifications: package contains (1) Breyer horses holiday horse stirrup ornament - minstrel. Measures approximately 3" L x 3.25" H. Breyer stunning sculpture celebrates the legend and brings another artistic portrayal to life.