4D Master Transparent Human Anatomy Torso Model Kit, One Color

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Part puzzle and part anatomy model, this transparent human torso is a great tool for learning about the various organs of the human body, and their general locations. Highly detailed, this 8" model has 37 detachable, hand-painted parts. The various organs have been painted a different color to help identify them. A display stand is included so that the model can stand up on a desk or bookshelf. The included assembly guide is illustrated and fully colored, and has brief descriptions of what kind of functions the various organs perform. The human torso model is a great addition to any human anatomy curriculum, as well as a display model in a doctor's office or for use in as a science fair project.

  • 37 detachable pieces
  • Hand painted pieces
  • Includes assembly guide & fact sheet
  • Display stand included
  • Transparent design allows skeleton and organs to be seen