4D Master 26087 4D Anatomy Didactic Exploded Skull Model

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Part puzzle and part anatomy model,
the didactic exploded human skull is a great tool for learning what the major bones of the human skull are.
Highly detailed, this 3.5" model has 17 detachable parts. Each piece has been painted a different color, in addition to having its name and side of the skull printed on it.
The assembly guide is illustrated and colored, and has descriptions of what purpose of some of the bones of the skull serve.
Assembly instructions need to be followed carefully. Entire model must be adjusted after each piece is added.
The didactic exploded skull is a great addition to the human anatomy curriculum or even for use as a science fair project.

  • 17 piece puzzle model
  • Hand painted
  • Color coded and labeled pieces
  • Illustrated guide, complete with general knowledge and questions