1000 Piece Puzzle

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Throw your bags in the trunk and put down the top, it's time to go! There's so much to see as we criss-cross the country, from the rocket launch at Cape Canaveral to El Capitan in Yosemite. This 1000-piece puzzle of the United States is a captivating way to unwind and rejuvenate, whether you're gathered around with loved ones or passing time on your own. You'll enjoy the playful depictions of every region of this vast land and find yourself eager for your next chance to hit the road.

  • IT’S TIME TO PRIORITIZE FUN! – Face it, you need a break! Life these days is wringing our souls dry! Puzzling is one of the most wholesome, tried-and-true ways of having fun! Fortunately, your fun muscles haven't withered away to nothing–yet! A Blue Lobster puzzle is just the spark they need to perk up and get going again! You'll be surprised how fresh your life will feel once you’ve invested some time rejuvenating.
  • WHY NOT ENJOY THE BEST? – If you’re going to treat yourself to a puzzle, why not one this playful and vibrant, lovingly and painstakingly crafted with your pure enjoyment in mind? Our matte finish makes puzzling easy on your eyes. If you’re puzzling with a partner, you’ll appreciate the high-def image on the box and the aid of the mini poster. You’ll find precious little puzzle dust and nary a piece lacking in clues about where it belongs.
  • YOU WON’T HAVE TO WAIT LONG! – This message is reaching you now by way of our partner, Amazon, whose exceptional customer care is only surpassed by their swiftness! So we can make you this promise: you won’t have to bide much time in anticipation! Soon that ding of your doorbell will alert you your puzzle treat has arrived! As tempting as it may be, we trust that you’ll resist hugging the delivery driver. A smile and a wave will suffice!
  • A PUZZLE-LOVER’S DREAM – Go ahead, tear open the cardboard and take in the beauty of the box (a work-of-art in and of itself!). Hold the top of the box as the bottom slowly glides down and open. (How smooth! What quality!) Dump the colorful array of pieces and relish the fresh aroma of a brand new, lovingly manufactured puzzle. You might not eat in your usual spot for a few days, but your new quest for completion will be well worth that minor inconvenience!
  • A WONDERFUL WAY TO BRIGHTEN YOUR WEEK! – No need to remind yourself to take regular breaks from work and chores this week! You’ll be popping back regularly to take in the beauty of your progress so far and chunk away at the masterpiece taking shape before your eyes. You’ll celebrate regularly for the mini victories that make puzzling so rewarding. So relax, dive in, and lose yourself in the fun. Before long you’ll be feeling like a kid again!
  • YOUR PUZZLE PLACE IS YOUR DOMAIN – Will others be lending a hand or will you have a solo adventure this time around? Either way, you’ll relish the feeling of that last piece clicking into place. You’ve done it! Step back and take it in! After leaving it out to admire for a few days, will you be gluing and hanging it or reboxing it to be enjoyed again later? It’s all up to you, sovereign ruler of your personal puzzle realm.